Marketing Goals

Area 2 Marketing Committee – Goals and Objectives

The following goals and objectives were established by the Area 2 Marketing Committee


  1. Establish marketing leadership contact for each council identified
  2. Contact each Council and request a self-assessment
  3. Query list for committee members to staff a marketing summit
  4. Plan and execute an annual Area 2 Marketing Summit
  5. 100% of Councils have a marketing committee and Council Marketing Plan
  6. Plan and Execute a combined Area 2 marketing initiative


  1. Marketing Leadership – Councils that have a working committee should include the chair and a professional that interfaces or is on the committee. If a council does not have a committee this is good time to appoint a leader who can get information from the marketing contacts if other area councils.
  2. Council Self-Assessment – Each council  marketing leader will receive a questionnaire from the area to help with the  self-assessment. This self-assessment will help promote the marketing committee in the council. The area/region will build support in categories that are identified in the assessment. Councils can then use the area and region resources to reinforce their marketing efforts.
  3. Marketing Summit – Councils with established marketing committees will be asked to shared best practices at the area marketing summit.
  4. 100% of Area 2 Councils have a Marketing Committee – The goal set by the area leadership is for all councils to have an operating marketing committee and a marketing plan. This plan may already be part of a council’s strategic plan.
  5. Area Marketing Initiative – Working in concert the council marketing committee chairs and the area leadership will develop a area initiative which will support all the area councils. This initiative might include mass media, Internet or other global efforts, with possible financial support from the region and or national.
Information or Questions?

For more information contact the Area 2 VP of Marketing Brian McAuliff,, Phone: 631-563-8000 x 104