Overview – What is a Council marketing committee and why does your Council need one?

  • There are thousands of youth in your community that do not know Scouting, getting them interested in Scouting is the primary mission of the Council marketing  committee, but not its only mission.
  • Council’s marketing efforts can be a powerful tool to get information to existing Scouters and Scout Families. They are the boots on the ground and communication to these groups should be polished and uniform and fitting of the BSA. A successful marketing committee can increase attendance at council events, strengthen programs, promote council high adventure trips early, increase camp attendance and more.  Marketing can improve penetration of the council and district messaging that may not get past roundtables.  A council with an effective marketing program, also reminds it’s Scouters that the council is doing it’s job.
  • Marketing is not making ads and posters, that is advertising which is a tool of marketing, but there are thousands of other tools from social media to local TV. Many of the best forms of marketing are totally free and need only a group of dedicated individuals to enact.
  • This section’s goal is to encourage councils to focus on marketing.  It can take a number of years to have a fully effective committee that becomes the best resource for the council to get information to the community. Everything from the council stationary to issue response procedures can fall under the committee’s responsibility.  The committee  should get involved the messaging portion but not  in the content portion, (like what do at an event) leave those details to the event committee. Putting a marketing committee member on an event committee will help with continuity, and insure that the information is getting out to all places. Electronic and print media as well as traditional Scouting networking.

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