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This new area to our site will provide information on the new “Unit Membership & Marketing Chairperson” or “M&M” for short. Please check back often for updated materials and resources.

Unit M&M Chairperson Position Overview

There is over a century of documented proof that Scouting has a positive and permanent impact on youth’s lives. This is reason enough to want our children to become Scouts. Unfortunately, without a connection to Scouting, thousands miss the opportunity to have a Scouting experience in their youth. The Unit Membership and Marketing Chairperson is charged with the responsibility to insure that all youth and parents in their community are aware of the benefits of Scouting and the availability of programs.

Membership is vital to unit health. A steady stream of new youth and active parents are necessary for an exciting and engaging Scouting experience. Successful units are decades old and have served thousands of youth. Larger units should be equally concerned with membership; a child should never be turned away. Scouts can be referred to other local units or create a new unit as membership grows beyond capacity. The benefits of a Scouting Life are only are only limited when the opportunity to be involved in Scouting is limited.

“It is your job to insure that every youth in your unit’s area gets a Scouting opportunity and that your Scouts and unit maintain a visible presence in your community.”


 Key Responsibilities

  • 1.  Meet with unit leaders and committee annually to discuss membership goals and objectives
    • a.  Are more than 10% of the available youth in our are getting Scouting
    • b.  How do we let the community know the great things our youth are doing
    • c.  Do we have a working relationship with all the Schools and youth institutions in our area
  • 2.  Run at least 2 recruitment/Scouting promotion events per year to insure unit growth
  • 3.  Prepare press releases for “Good Deeds”, Events, and Achievements
  • 4.  Distribute membership flyers to schools by adopting schools in the units area
  • 5.  Make relationships with all the Faith based organizations in your area
    • a.  Posting information about Unit on their bulletin board, web site
    • b.  Requesting presence in their service literature
    • c.  Connecting them with unit leaders for service project opportunities
  • 6.  Conduct Scouting Pep Rallies in schools, leveraging council support when needed
  • 7.  Attend a membership chairperson training session an annual best practices seminar
  • 8.  Track the membership of your unit to insure growth
  • 9.  Adopt a school and conduct one community project for the school at least once a year
  • 10.  Consider Annual use of council “Base Camp” Event Booth (see Resources) at a local event
  • 11.  Insure that new youth and adult applications are turned into the council service center in a timely manner – 1 week after receipt of applications is ideal
  • 12.  Insure unit Reaches JTE Gold status in membership

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